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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Getting to Know the Area

Today I found a new route for a dog walk, through what turned out to be one of Germantown's perhaps less desirable neighborhoods. The way I found the route was that I went to the web site for Montgomery County Parks, where they have this nifty tool that brings up interactive maps showing all the parks within a specified radius. So I found this park, and then I had lunch and took a look through the local weekly, which had a crime story warning people about strong-arm robberies in the exact neighborhood I intended to walk into. So I ran upstairs to our resident policeman, pleasant enough young feller, and asked him about the reports. He assured me that with the two dogs -- especially Daddy's German shepherd who is demented -- I would have no problems. So off we went. And even though it just looks like suburbia you could tell it was not a thriving area. Weird vibe. I don't think it was just word of the robberies either. But nothing untoward happened except that bopping along the sidewalk with the dogs I spotted, on the ground, under a tree, an enormous black vibrator. One of those lifelike ones with the bulgy veins. Just forgotten there, I dunno, maybe somebody's dog carried it out there, like a plastic bottle or a potato chip bag.

I'm really going to have to start taking my camera along on these expeditions.


At 2:18 AM, Blogger lani said...

I am not very swift with blogging.I can't even get into the site much less comment on the abandoned sex toy in a marginal area.

At 2:23 AM, Blogger lani said...

OK look like I got in. I did not read your last e-mail carefully-I'm embarassed that I was not sure about what coast you were on. I'll blame the jet lag. Wow. sounds like you are having culture shock. It's not Kansas anymore Dorothy. Presidential limos.In San Francisco all they worry about food.I am going to send you the menu of a chowhound event I went to in the Tenderloin.


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