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Friday, November 10, 2006

Kicking it Around

Two readers of my last entry started other interesting topics. "L.," over at Glittering Generalities writes about "self-indulgent personal crap."

Ha Ha I made a funny. What I mean is she writes about how people say they aren't interested in a bunch of self-indulgent personal crap. L., also writes about self-indulgent personal crap. Like what James Boswell wrote. (Pay no attention to the fluffery and puffery that opens this post; it's a very short paragraph before you get to the good stuff.)

Chuckling who hangs out at Roy's Place with a bunch of jaded hipsters and lefty oddballs, posted me in comments a link to a new Vonnegut piece. Chuckling thinks before he writes. Or during. Anyhow he thinks.


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