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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Do They Just Hate Women, or What?

From Sideshow I followed a link to this story in the Daily Mail.

You have to check out the pictures. They are worth the thousand words I will spare you here.

Oh, heck, I just know you won't go look at the damn pictures.

Here's some text:

Looking as different as chalk and cheese, the swimwear clings to Miss Hunter's voluptuous curves and reveals acres of cleavage while on clinically underweight Miss Berglund, it shows her protruding hips and ribs and appears to hang off her.

Barmaid Miss Hunter, 24 - who weighs 11 stone and is a healthy size 12 - was reduced to tears when she was castigated on the reality TV show for not taking a food and exercise regime seriously.

Judge Tandy Anderson, managing director of Select Model Management, criticised her for having "stocky" legs while supermodel Rachel Hunter, a fellow panellist, reprimanded her for saying she wanted to prove larger women could be successful models.

Swedish blonde Miss Berglund, 18, who made it to the final with her, was meanwhile praised for having a "sensational" body for modelling despite having a body mass index of 16.1.

It fell well below the minimum BMI of 18 for models taking part in Madrid Fashion Week in September, set after catwalk model Luisel Ramos dropped dead from self-starvation.

Steve Gilliard posts one today about another model who starved herself to death.

You know how there are all these model shows on TV? I don't know how many, I just see all these promos running for them in the commercial breaks and it seems like about 500 too many of them, from where I sit.

The Daily Mail story reports that Giorgio Armani has banned size zero models from appearing in his shows. Well, that's nice, the size 2s can stagger down the catwalk and back and then collapse, they're only malnourished, not actually starving. If they banned bitchiness the whole industry would be out of work, I imagine.


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At 7:33 PM, Blogger Chuckling said...

Is that some kind of joke or photoshoped image? I can't figure out what body parts those are protruding from her midsection. That's just sick.

At 9:05 PM, Blogger Kia said...

I believe those are bones. Possibly some extra bones. Or maybe they are lunch. Or a transistor radio.


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