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Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Uses of Blogging

What do you do when you wake up laughing from the first sex dream you've had in a long, long time, a dream that has no sex in it (but they don't actually need to) just a dim and remote prospect of sex and in between me and it a series of really silly pratfalls and improbable situations like 1) remembering that it isn't the third date but still, 2) having half a dozen of my relatives arrive for a dinner party, 3) the friendly sexologist who happened to live on the premises keeps spare condoms in a tree 4) My friend T. shows up with her husband for the dinner party, 5) the brief appearance of a duck.

The sad part is that I can't tell the other party about his role in this farcical fantasy. He does happen to be a real person -- it's always a real person, isn't it? -- I mean a person I know and not a celebrity. First, because dreams are boring, and second, it would just totally send the wrong message, or possibly several wrong messages simultaneously. "Hi, [slight acquaintance] I had the funniest non-sex sex dream of my life, a fiasco, a laff riot, and you were in the leading role!" I can certainly imagine good outcomes coming of such a revelation to the party of the second part, but many more and many more likely bad ones. So I tell you instead.


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