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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tick Ranch Roundup

That's what I feel like ever since I bought my own power drill. I've only used it once, to fix some shelves. I'm thinking about that because I'm going to have to use it to hang a screen door. Sweetie is asleep in the driveway, Misha has followed me into the house (she follows me everywhere, basically). The back door is open and some sort of enormous buzzing creature is flying round my room bumping into things. As if that isn't enough, it is not exactly conducive to tranquility and reflection to have an obese German Shepherd leaping and plunging around after it, snapping her jaws.

Well now. Bug and dog have both quieted down.

I saw two very young foxes on the road today, road kill. A few nights ago an adult was on a stroll through the woods or, as I like to call them, "my" woods. It kept barking at regular intervals. This sent both dogs into a state. The fox walked the woods for the whole length of the meadow and then doubled back and hovered just opposite the back gate, but across the meadow and in the woods, barking at the dogs and being barked at. Then he continued on his way. It is a dreadful sound they make, a sort of shriek. When they are mating it sounds even weirder and creepier than cats; it sounds like someone is being murdered.

The turtles are out and about now. And Thursday morning there was a solitary wild turkey feeding in the meadow. I kept out of sight so I wouldn't frighten him away. I imagine the rest of the flock was back in the woods.


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