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Friday, November 25, 2005

Some Anguillan History

St. Kitts has two political parties and two newspapers. The Labour party, which is the one in power, has the Labour Spokesman. The People's Action Movement (PAM) has the Democrat. Both of them are embarrassing. But since a new editor took over in 2004 it has improved considerably.

Anyway they recently ran an article that is as much of the history of Anguilla as you are likely to find anywhere.

In 1967 Anguilla seceded from the union of St. Kitts, Nevis and Anguilla. A small force of Anguillans also tried to invade St. Kitts. To grasp this thing you must understand that Anguilla at the time had a population of less than 2,000 people and was 70 miles away on the far side of St. Maarten/St. Martin.

This article tells the Anguilla side of it.

Quentin in Trinidad

Quentin the Bee Man writes me from Nevis this week (Thursday), having just returned from a visit to Trinidad:

For the record Iam invited to dine up at the Rolden Hock Gotel with about 8 English people and Pam Barry ...who I do not suppose has been in the USA the nation of her citizenship and her birth ..for decades ..on this precious American date.! It will be a different Thanksgiving Dinner at grand old establishment on the island of Alexander Hamiltons birth.

Trinidad was great and the whole place went pretty wild when they beat Bahrein at football and got themselves a place in the World Cup ...people swarmed out of offices and a thousand car horns sounded ..but NOT alas simoultaneously ...the the premier of that Republic....(Do Republics have Premiers..Iam not sure) anyway ..he appeared and declared an INSTANT unplanned days holiday causing INSTANT confusion and disruption everywhere...not least the bus DRIVERS who all went home and abandoned thousands of passengers to their fate ...who had to find another way hours there was an INSTANT traffic jam of mega preportions ...a half hour bus journey took 2 and a half hours in any other vehicle one could find !

One of the best bits was flying on LIAT island hopping all the way home.. I have a great affection for LIAT. ....

I also have great affection for LIAT (that's Leeward Islands Air Transport). I would like to be hopping from island to island on LIAT.