gall and gumption

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Audio Tolstoy

Bob sent me this link. It's a recording of Tolstoy himself, the actual voice of Leo Tolstoy, people.

I did not listen to it because it is a zip file, which I cannot open on a Mac, evidently. But anyone who is using a PC should give it a go and report back here. Especially if your Russian isi functional. Bob just came back from Moscow with lots of Russian audio materials to study with and figures he'll understand them in about 10 years. He has, so far, recognized that a Pushkin short story, otherwise incomoprehensible, has the devil in it. The thing is I can't remember any Pushkin stories with the devil in them. Maybe he was playing it backways...

Update: I did manage to listen to it. What happens if you click on the link is you download a bunch of mp3 files. It's files, not streaming. Which means that they will take up hard drive space but you've probably got lots and lots of it. Can't tell if he's talking about the devil though.