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Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Love Radio 2

Motty Perkins's show ends at 3:30 p.m. After four and a half hours of listening to Jamaica's intractable political, social and infrastructure problems, the agony of the whole country, I switch to a different station because I do not love the guy who comes on with his own talk show right after Motty.

The station I pick is a folk music station out of Boston. It's contemporary folk music. I pick it because once a session I will hear a song by some of the folk or blues or gospel singers I like. Like yesterday I heard Pops Staples, and then Lucinda Williams and John Prine the day before, and there's a new one out by the Waybacks that I like.

Most of it though is not like that. Most of it is what you hear at the Three Bean Coffeehouse on Friday night, or at the Goddess Healing Hootenanny.

I met you at the bus station
We were on the road
You left me at the bus station
But I kept on singin and wanderin the streets till I found you and we had a long talk
at the depot
Your parents didn't understand you and neither did your therapist
And those city lights oh they made you so sad me too

So we left it all behind us
And I got over my eating disorder

Now we live in the country
There's nothing better than lying by the fire in your arms
We have a really old dog named Bruce
We walk down by the river and look at the road
And we grow vegetables
We don't eat meat we don't eat cheese
And we have small firm stoooo-hooo-hoooooools.


At 1:24 AM, Anonymous leslie said...

Living in Santa Cruz, the motherlode of Goddess Healing Hootnenanny nonsense, I have an intense horror of folk music. But now I think maybe I am missing out on some good stuff.

At 11:51 AM, Anonymous caroline said...

You are definitely missing out on some good stuff. I don't think you'd call the Calypso's Kia is talking about folk music-- even though I guess technically that's what they are. You listen to them, though, and they're just so rioutously witty and having so much fun at the expense of all kinds of people, that the appellation "folk", with all its connotations of earnestness doesn't quite cover it. I'm no expert, but Kia did give us a Mighty Sparrow CD. There's also a hilarious piece about a Calypso party in New York in Joseph Mitchell's "Up in the Old Hotel." I think you'd really like that collection.

At 2:18 AM, Anonymous leslie said...

Dang! I love "Up in the Old Hotel"!, here I come. Thanks.


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