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Friday, August 25, 2006

Work in Progress

It has been rather quiet here. I've been working on something rather large for the past week. It will be here soon. Promise.

Meanwhile, here's a quote from Gide's Travels in the Congo:

Sapoua is a triple or quadruple village, more than a kilometre long; it is situated in a wide stretch of savanna, sown with Palmyra palms and encircled in the distance by the forest. There were quantities of children, some of them so charming that we kept them with us; one man was playing on an extraordinary instrument -- a calabash, held between the legs, in the middle of a bamboo, which was strung like a bow with six(?) strings. He sang with great subtlety and delicacy what our interpreter translated as meaning: 'I have so many hookworms in my foot that I cannot walk.'


At 1:39 AM, Anonymous caroline said...

we're waiting


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