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Saturday, December 09, 2006


Two items for your consideration:

Firstly (I have had a secret yearning to use the word "firstly"): The AMTRAK train passes right next to my apartment building. If you happen to be on it and give me fair warning, and if I have no pressing engagements elsewhere, I'll wave a big hanky at you as you go through the station.

Which station, you ask? Ah.

Secondly (doesn't sound as impressive somehow, can I just say "firstly" twice?): I know I frequently complain that nothing interesting happens in my life. But yesterday something did and immediately when it happened I thought of my small but select group of readers. Of course I imagine that this sort of thing is all old hat to you, you're all so sophisticated and have real jobs, but take a gander at this anyhow.

Yes. The upper egg has two yolks. Wow! It certainly put a "sizzle" in my breakfast experience! We stray from the oatmeal path at our peril, eh?

Not impressed? Fine, fine, whatever. Well, here's a picture of Sweetie reading John Lothrop Motley's The Rise of the Dutch Republic. She was supposed to have blogged about it like two months ago but forgot completely.

What is your pet reading?


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