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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Spare a Good Wish for Mr. Stanley

NIA denounces shooting incident

The following is the full text of a statement by Acting Premier of Nevis the Hon. Robelto Hector on the occasion of a shooting incident in Church Ground.

On behalf of The Nevis Island Administration, I wish to express words of comfort to the family of prominent business man and social commentator Mr. Edric W. Stanley, who sustained multiple gunshot wounds in an apparent robbery attempt about 1a.m. on Wednesday May 30, 2007.

The Administration wishes to place on record its strongest condemnation of this vicious act of violence. The incident will only strengthen our resolve, as we continue to give our fullest support to the police in their crime fighting efforts.

These types of criminal activity threaten the very fabric of our peaceful and loving society in Nevis and we will not rest in our endeavour to ensure that Nevis continues to enjoy the tranquillity it is reputed for.

I want to take this opportunity to appeal to members of the public to assist the police in any way necessary so that there can be a speedy resolve to this matter and the perpetrator/ s be brought to justice.

Mr. Stanley is kind to dogs. He owns a gas station and grocery store all in one and works the register himself always in a clean white shirt and tie. He is the great friend of my former colleague Mr. Bramble, whom I love. He is respected for his shrewdness, independence and fair dealing in business, and for his opinions. He has lots of opinions. When Mr. Bramble owned the Leewards Times he would put Mr. Stanley's opinions on the front page of the paper every few weeks. If, with his limited means, he couldn't get enough news together to fill a paper, then there was always the latest conversation with Mr. Stanley to report. And there was always a latest conversation with Mr. Stanley.

What a terrible thing.

Update: Now it's being reported on the SKN list that the person who did the shooting is the one who was accused and acquitted of killing that Englishman, Tony Fetherston, seven years ago.


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