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Monday, July 23, 2007

Big Bug Liveblogging

I never know how they get into places exactly but there's one of those big bugs, some sort of giant fly, bumping and bouncing and buzzing all over my room. You know the ones I mean? You never see them in the daytime, they always seem to show up just when you want to do a little reading in bed. Hardly worth mentioning except that Misha, who is hanging out in here again in her usual needy hangdog apologetic groveling way, is really having issues with this bug. At first she was chasing it and then the bug got quiet and Misha went into the closet to lie on my laundry, then she came out of the closet apparently being chased by the bug. I heard some snapping and sort of plunging about in the hallway and then she came back in here with her tail between her legs and dived under the bed. If she is lying on top of my good watercolor paper I will make her think of that bug with fond nostalgia.

It's kind of like that movie Independence Day. Now if she's going to save the bathroom she's gonna have to go in there. And she has. With great solemnity and seems to be attacking a whole horde of them\.

Good work, Misha! Good work! Much more productive than barking at people out the car windows. My latest theory of Misha barking out of car windows is that it is the German shepherd equivalent of shouting "Asshole!" at everybody who passes by. She just enjoys it so much more than is compatible with any kind of decency. A friend at work says it's like she's mooning people. I wish Misha would just moon people, it would be quieter. Mind you, no one would be able to tell, would they?

Oh crap the bug has chased her out of the bedroom again. This would be like if the aliens chased Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum out of the mother ship before they had time to blow it up and followed them back to earth and the whole set of shenanigans started up again.

What? Oh I suppose you were watching the Democratic debate tonight, well, swell. I watched Independence Day. But I was working while I was watching it! Ask Leslie!


At 12:48 AM, Blogger L7 said...

I will vouch for this captain of industry.


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