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Saturday, March 28, 2009

It Is Big. It is Yellow.It Smiles. It is Evil.

There are days when I get home tired, as I did yesterday, and know that I have to put the leashes on these two idiots and take them round the same exact streets we are always walking around on, and I think, "Well, this is your life." And it's like there's the bed I've made for the three of us, might as well get comfy in it. I mean, at least I still have the bed, even though Sweetie now spends whole days on it sulking and occasionally trembling. I don't resent it mostly except when I'm grumpy and tired like yesterday.

So I must say the Big Yellow Scary Thing gave satisfaction. We found ourselves at the feet of it just outside somebody's tax service. They froze in horror and disbelief, their eyes locked on its mocking, grinning face as it bent down to swoop them up in its big floppy arms. Misha barked bravely a couple of times but really it was too much even for her. At first they refused to go a step further. Sweetie sat down and braced herself and got ready to slip out of her collar if the situation called for it. Then they went into total freakout, bucking and plunging and wrapping themselves round my legs. At last they did that "Just get the hell away and call later to find out if it was dangerous" thing dogs do, turning their backs, heads down, tails between legs, clawing at the ground in an effort to drag us all away from this great looming leering horror. It was as good as a play. I had to turn back and go a different route because they would not take a step past this monster. I expect if you'd seen me you'd have pretended not to know me, because, if it isn't already clear, I enjoyed the whole thing. It makes them so bright and alert you see, and gives new zest and interest to their walks.

Not the actual Big Yellow Scary Evil Thing. Its Brother Possibly.


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