gall and gumption

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Small Domestic Mystery

Sometime after my Dad's return to live with us, Sweetie won the kitchen. How it happened when Misha weighs more than twice what she does, I don't know. There was no big scene, no fight. But one dinnertime Misha suddenly was afraid to go even near the kitchen, not even to eat. And she's the big eater. We had to place her dish far from the kitchen and then she'd eat sort of nervously, apologetically. Stranger still were these occasions when she would suddenly start dashing around the living room in a state of consternation, at last taking refuge in my bedroom, for no reason that I could make out, until my Dad pointed out that she did this every time Sweetie pushed her dish around the kitchen. Sometimes Sweetie doesn't feel like eating her dinner right away so she tries to hide it. She has a plastic dish that makes quite a racket as she pushes it around the kitchen in a futile search for some nook or cranny where no one will find it. This is apparently what drives Misha into a panic. But how this shift in their power dynamics occurred I simply have no idea.