gall and gumption

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Little Dream

What a time we had! And then, too soon, it was time for you to go. We blew kisses at each other, you in the bus and me on the sidewalk. I watched it pull away and round the corner and I waited until I couldn't hear it, then I waited a little longer after that, the moment, listening as if it was the only bus there ever was.

Then things went back to normal. On my way to catch my train I lost my suitcase and passport; the train had not come or it had already left. This was impossible to determine because the station agent was a vampire and bore an eerie resemblance to George Jetson. I caught the very next train and soon we were speeding through deep forest, though not in the direction in which I wished to go. I arrived in the city (I am not sure which city--it seemed European) in time for the calculus exam on which so much was riding, although I still couldn't find the dog, and was distracted by several loose teeth. It is hard to write a calculus exam in ball point pen on a soggy flour tortilla. And then I had to pee. And do you know that every single restroom in that entire government building was broken or filthy or had the toilet or the door removed? You know how a nightclub toilet gets around 2 in the morning? It was one of the most epic instances of anyone having to pee of all time. I escaped from the flesh-eating zombies. Again. I found the hat of my dreams but it wasn't my size. All the other ones were ugly.

When are you coming to visit again? We could have another picnic.