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Thursday, May 03, 2007


By the way I actually use the address book and the calendar that came bundled with the software for my Mac -- most of what you read here is composed on an iBook G4. I mentioned recently that my Safari browser broke. Now it seems that the calendar, the address book, and, worst of all, iTunes are now all broken as well. I can't get any of them to launch. Restarting would be the obvious next move but I'm dreading that as my finder hangs. And last of all my MacHelp will hang if I try to use it. When the Safari browser broke, I installed Opera which I rather like. But I don't know if it interfered with the address book, the calendar and iTunes, or if they were hinky before. I suppose it is time for a re-install of the system software. Which, it seems, I lost in the moves from Sebastopol. Sorry about the thumping sound, that's me beating my head against the wall. Possibly these technological annoyances are what prompted the dream in which I accidentally drove my car off a cliff. No, seriously, this is true. It was two nights ago. I was only trying to get into the car wash and somehow missed the turn and the car went slowly over a high cliff and as I descended past the all the rocks with the water rushing, as they say, towards me, I thought "This isn't what I meant to do at all." If I ever get paid for the past six weeks of work that I've done I'll go upgrade to what is it? Panther? Tiger? Ocelot? throw in some new memory, and flirt with that Spanish guy at the Mac store.

Meanwhile, commenter Zo, if you're still out there, and have an interim suggestion, I'd be so so so grateful.


At 1:39 AM, Anonymous Don said...

Your applications not launching could be a problem with permissions. You may have already tried this, but in case you haven't, try running the Repair Permissions utility. I copied and pasted some instructions from this guy:

Just go to your Utilities folder, open Disk Utility and on the left side of the resulting window, select the hard drive that you want to repair. Click on the First Aid tab. Then click on the Repair Disk Permissions button.

It's worth a shot!

At 2:54 PM, Blogger Kia said...

I tried your instructions and waited breathlessly while the utility ran. When it was over none of the applications would launch. But maybe I should restart it.

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