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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Now That You're Here...

...and I've got nothing new of my own to offer just at the moment you might as well share the fruits of my idleness.

Stop by Judging Crimes and read this, or some of the other stuff. You know it's good for you.

This piece (via Sideshow should probably be retitled "A Day Late and a Dollar Short."

Metafilter was one of the first blogs I ever used to visit. Then I sort of forgot about it. Recently I've been going back there again; now I'm wondering if it might not work out as a dating site. Or maybe I should put more into my relationship with my dog.

See if there's anything interesting here. I wonder if anybody will actually work their way through some of these.

I heard Ezra Pound on old scratchy tapes in Donald Pearce's Modernist Poetry class at UCSB. We'd listen to that gravelly garbelly voice reciting "The Seafarer," strange and haunting and haunted, and then Pearce, who knew him personally, would sigh, "He was a wonderful, wonderful man."

Oh, and here's probably the last word on Imus, if you still care. I mean, personally I never cared whether the old windbag kept or lost his job.

The Cliff House is online now, Bob. via wood_s_lot.

In case you were wondering what church I belong to. Plep, as usual, has many marvelous things.

B., via email, sends me this link to a what she says is a "Chinese pas de deux from Swan Lake." The music isn't Swan Lake, and the dancing isn't Swan Lake either, but there is something weirdly Swan Lakey about it. Aside from its just generally being weird. Watch it to the end.


At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kia,

I'm leaving for Italy in two weeks on a Fulbright to study Italian Book Arts in Venice. I'll be there for four months. I also started a nonprofit organization, the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center and we've been getting grant funding and starting to grow. Google the name for our website.

I've been wanting to get in touch but don't know your email. I suppose I could ask Bob or Suzanne for it. They have mine if you want to say hi.

I've been snooping around in Google to see what you're doing. I like your blog---I check in on it now and then. And the comment you made in City Journal about enjoying classic're my hero.

Best regards,

Jeff Abshear

At 7:38 AM, Blogger Kia said...

Jeff! Have you been in Michigan all this time? CONGRATS on the Fulbright, what great things you must be doing!

How lovely to hear from you! You've made me day. Of course you must be in touch! Here's the email. I usually have a link for it here but it got lost when the New Blogger came out and I haven't been able to figure out how to put it back.


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