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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

How Can You Miss Me if I Don't Go Away?

No, I'm not going away, but I have invited a new voice to join the festivities here. The commenter who goes by the name of "Buckner" will be guest posting from time to time. He's a painter, writer, publisher, voracious reader, teacher, founder and director of a book arts center, and he gets to look at cool stuff for the next four months while he's on a Fulbright in Venice.

We have been friends for many many years. If he wants to tell you any more about himself I'm sure he will.

Another invitation is outstanding, but I won't say more about that till I get a response.

I'm trying to give you all a break from myself, that's all. Hell, I'm trying to give me a break from myself so I can spend more time with my hyperesthesia.


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